Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today finds the boaters in Lantzville doing the house things getting caught up. Its great to come home to a nice yard that hasn't been too dry as Maggie was here watering the plants on her way to Rivers Inlet.
We had a great trip back from Tofino. We stayed one night in Quaitt Bay and went around Meares Island then headed to the Broken Group.Overnigthing in Effingham Bay wehada fabulous steak supper and watched the sunset. Also could hear the Sound Wave concert from about 15 miles away!!
The winds were not in our direction coming home and we had a lot of fog in the Juan De Fuca but it was sort of beautiful and as we have radar so is not a great fear that we will hit another ship. Fog can be cold but that day the sun was shining through the fog.Wayne even had a nap below and I listened to my Ipod until the battery died. We also saw the Amsterdam coming in on their Friday run and called the Bridge to see if anyone was there we knew.
It was a long day before we sighted Race Rocks and finally pulled into CFSA docks for the night. We went up for last call to the bar, too late to get to see Warren at the Bard and Banker. Next day we headed to stayed in James Bay a favorite little place of mine and had a great kayak around the bay before supper.
The next day was a great sailing day and we sailed all the way Ruxton Island where we spent the night. Next day was a great kayak day again and we went over to Pirate's Cove.
Slipped through Dodds Narrows before slack and anchored at Newcastle Island.Kayaked again over to Dinghy Dock for fish and chips and then off to the dock at the base for clean up and off to home.
Then to make my day complete I won a crab trap with a float line and bait holder from the Liquor store. What another great day.

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