Monday, June 22, 2009

Home at Last

I am home with my beloved. It was a great trip up to Haid Gwaii and I had a lot of fun with Sheila and Marvin Boyd and Morgan at her graduation festivities. Sheila treated me like a queen and I ate her food like a true pig. I said I would have left sooner but she is such a good cook. I hitchhiked back to Masset with two live crabs crawling around in my back pack and even told one driver she had picked up soemone with crabs. At the balancing rock I thought I was going to be stuck there but soemone came along.

The flight home was so specatcular over the mountains in the sun I was once again reminded how this is the best possible place to live in the whole world. We finished the Fathers Day with a lovely take out order of Dover Bay Chinese food.

Today I watered all the plants and nothing has died. I have a few blooms on the tomatoes so I am going to get Irene Pages' ( one of the 94 year old in the hospital) tomato set at the store and hopefully there will be tomatoes before too long. Sheila

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last night shift in Masset.

Well the last night shift in Masset. So far no Emergency cases. Talked to one resident for an hour or so about all her aches and pains and her tomoato plants that are in the common room. She planted the seeds and then sold the small plants and bought potting soil with it. Everyone gets into the tomato thing at the hospital here. Today they started cucumbers so they will be waiting for those to come now. I have been singing with an old woman here who you would think was on her last legs but after we harmonized to Blackbird last night she said "not bad for two old women". She meant me. I am sure her eye sight is off as she is 94 or maybe I actually look that old!! It rained the day before this but today the sun was so hot and bright I almost got my sunglasses out.There is nothing like the Charlottes when the sun is out.
I have my bag all packed and tomorrow one of the other nurses adn I are flying out on the daily jet out of Masset. I am glad to go I like to come but and glad to go home. HOWA S.
Does anybody read this?? S

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where have I been?

I know you are all wondering where I have been. Perhaps you may even have been worried that I had fallen upon some unfortunate accident up here in the Charlottes. Well I am fine really. Just a little home sick. I went to Queen Charlotte City last week end and had a great time at Sheila and Marvin Boyd's place for 5 days. I didn't want to leave as she is such a great cook. I walked all around Robertson Island and also went kayaking. Sheila gave me a lesson It was fun as I have never been in a big kayak. It was also their daughter's grad so I got invited to that and all teh pot luck suppers. We hung out with the neighbour on the Island Betty Calam who was my Dr when we lived here and actually delivered Warren.She is now divorced from her husband adn she bought the cabin beside Sheila's.Now I know what to do in my little one. Also I went crabbing and got two beautiful dungeness crab. But I had to go back to Masset that day so I put them live in my back pack and started hitch hiking back here. It took three rides and all women The last ride was almost all the way back and she drove me to the door. At one point by the balancing rock I didn't think I would get a ride but I did get a lift a little further. It only took me a few hours.
So now I am back on nights for two nights and off home I will try to post some pictures on the
blog as I am sure you want to see the Charlottes It rained so much today that I slept all day.Well I am going to get a coffee now I am run off my feet we had a big rush before midnight of two Emergency patients. I need a rest.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Supreme Banana Split

Good Morning
We are having banana splits tonight. We were busy with two patients in Emerg and then
we are settling in to eating tonight. Ice Cream chocolate rancid walnuts cherries and bananas.
We all enjoyed them.
Tomorrow I am going Sheila Nelson's in Charlotte to Morgan's graduation. Today I got a few bargains at the Thrift Store in Masset. It is a great Thrift Store and I got a new skirt and a hoodie You can get coffee at this Thrift Store.So I had a nice coffee.
Tomorrow my new friend Judy is driving me to Charlotte after we get off work.
That's all

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Moring Its 5:30 am June11 , 2009 Northern Haida Gwaii Hospital, QCI hospital
Its another mystical misty morning as the sun comes up over the horizon.
I am trying to keep up with my French friend Dom who also has a blog spot but she is much more interesting.
Today I am going to sleep in a little PMQ duplex / military house built in the 1970's. If those walls could talk oh boy what they could tell me.
I am in a room that has a new bed but no furntiure. It is the smallest room in the house. I have two room mates who are my age 22 and are great people.
Any how that is all I can think of and I didn't even thin of this my friend the other nurse Judy did. Good night She