Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last night shift in Masset.

Well the last night shift in Masset. So far no Emergency cases. Talked to one resident for an hour or so about all her aches and pains and her tomoato plants that are in the common room. She planted the seeds and then sold the small plants and bought potting soil with it. Everyone gets into the tomato thing at the hospital here. Today they started cucumbers so they will be waiting for those to come now. I have been singing with an old woman here who you would think was on her last legs but after we harmonized to Blackbird last night she said "not bad for two old women". She meant me. I am sure her eye sight is off as she is 94 or maybe I actually look that old!! It rained the day before this but today the sun was so hot and bright I almost got my sunglasses out.There is nothing like the Charlottes when the sun is out.
I have my bag all packed and tomorrow one of the other nurses adn I are flying out on the daily jet out of Masset. I am glad to go I like to come but and glad to go home. HOWA S.
Does anybody read this?? S


  1. Dear Sheila ,

    I read you every time,
    I love blogs.
    It's like a postcards.
    I get to follow a bit of your LAST DAYS ON EARTH !?!?!?!?!?!?!


  2. Yes I read everything you write ... you know ... when you can remember your password.
    You are right that there is nothing like the Charlottes in the sunshine! All lush and green and sparkly!