Monday, June 22, 2009

Home at Last

I am home with my beloved. It was a great trip up to Haid Gwaii and I had a lot of fun with Sheila and Marvin Boyd and Morgan at her graduation festivities. Sheila treated me like a queen and I ate her food like a true pig. I said I would have left sooner but she is such a good cook. I hitchhiked back to Masset with two live crabs crawling around in my back pack and even told one driver she had picked up soemone with crabs. At the balancing rock I thought I was going to be stuck there but soemone came along.

The flight home was so specatcular over the mountains in the sun I was once again reminded how this is the best possible place to live in the whole world. We finished the Fathers Day with a lovely take out order of Dover Bay Chinese food.

Today I watered all the plants and nothing has died. I have a few blooms on the tomatoes so I am going to get Irene Pages' ( one of the 94 year old in the hospital) tomato set at the store and hopefully there will be tomatoes before too long. Sheila

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  1. Aaaah!!!
    It's good to be home.....
    George is now in Lisbon,on his way home to HIS beloved.....
    We'll meet in Montréal for a week and visit with Sophie.