Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tofino Rain

When is the last time you got to read and have a long luxurious nap listening to the rain coming down tied to a fish boat at a dock?.If you haven't tried it lately you really are missing something.

We are on another trip on the WAYSHEGOES. We started out from Nanaimo and went to Montague Harbour for one night then on to Victoria. We had a lovely anniversary supper at Warren's pub the Bard and Banker. I quite enjoy that pub and the yam fries are wonderful. We get a kick out of Warren wearing a skirt (kilt) at work.We had a day at the CFSA pub and then took off to the Broken Group but it was pretty foggy so pulled into Sooke for the night. We like to leave early when having a long day and at 5am the water is peaceful. We got to the Broken Group and stayed two nights.This was some of the best weather ever here. It was 80-90 degrees on the thermometer in the afternoon so we stayed a couple of nights. Beautiful kayaking around there.I got up in the morning and now its a routine I take my coffee and paddle around having a good start to my day. The Broken Group is a fabulous group of Islands that belong to the Pacific Rim Park.There were not many boats there and a few kayakers who really didn't speak to us much not that I didn't try.SO then we headed into Ucuelet and met our BlueWater Cruising Group and went out to the bluewater which was to be a week but after the first day and into the night although the boat handled everything just fine we needed more crew. Wayne and I didn't get any rest as it was 22 knot winds and rough seas.If we had had a relief crew we probably would have managed but he had the courage to turn back and that is what we did. Got into Tofino 13:30 yesterday.Now its rain rain and more of the same so we hunkered down and here we are napping. What a good life we have made for ourselves.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good life indeed! GFU!!! I especially like the coffee and paddling part tho I would have tea. Annndddd, I would have talked to you! Thx for saying Hi to my auntie ... take care

  2. Enjoy your retirement.... I certainly am enjoying mine. I'll miss you and Wayne on the ships.